Mr. Olympia is the title granted to the victor of the expert men’s bodybuilding contest at Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend break – a worldwide muscle building competition that is held each year by the International Federation of Muscle building as well as Fitness (IFBB). Joe Weider created the competition to enable the Mr. Cosmos winners to proceed competing and also to gain money. The initial Mr. Olympia was held on September 18, 1965, at the Brooklyn Academy of Songs, New york city City, with Larry Scott victorying his first of two straight titles.

The document variety of wins is 8, held by Lee Haney, (1984-1991), as well as Ronnie Coleman (1998-2005). Phil Health currently holds the title. The film Pumping Iron (1977), included the build-up to the 1975 Mr. Olympia in Pretoria South Africa as well as assisted launch the acting careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Lou Ferrigno. There is also a women bodybuilder crowned, the Ms. Olympia, as are champions of Fitness Olympia and also Number Olympia for fitness and number competitors. All 4 competitions happen during the same weekend. From 1994 to 2003 and again in 2012, a Masters Olympia was additionally crowned.

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The 1965 as well as 1966 Mr. Olympia were victoried by Larry Scott, a famous body builder of the time. Scott subsequently retired after his 1966 victory.

Harold Poole holds 2 Mr. Olympia differences. One is that he is the youngest ever rival to have taken part in the Olympia. In 1965 he contended in the first Mr. Olympia at 21. The other is that he was the only man to compete in all three of the preliminary Mr. Olympia competitions. He was runner-up in the 1965 and 1966 shows.

The 1967 Mr. Olympia, won by Sergio Oliva, heralded a new age in bodybuilding competition. At 5 feet 9ins as well as 240 lbs Oliva, nicknamed ‘The Myth’, presented a level of muscle mass as well as definition, consisting of a ‘V’ shape of a large and a well-formed upper-body that tapered to a narrow waistline, unlike anything viewed in prior competitions. His upper arms determined nearly 22 inches as well as his upper body determined at 55 inches, which tapered to a reportedly 28 inch waist as well as 2 31 inch legs. Oliva would certainly take place to win the Mr. Olympia competitors in 1967, 1968, and also 1969 – where he would beat Arnold Schwarzenegger 4 to 3, marking Schwarzenegger’s initially and also just loss in a Mr. Olympia competition.


Schwarzenegger beat Oliva at the 1970 Mr. Olympia after completing second the year prior to. At 6′ 2′ and also 240 lbs, he had the ability to match Sergio Oliva for dimension in his upper arms, chest, and back. Competition courts regarded that Schwarzenegger’s additional interpretation and muscularity over Sergio Oliva were sizable enough to honor him the title. Schwarzenegger successfully beat Oliva once again in 1972.

Schwarzenegger took place to win the next 3 Mr. Olympia competitions, including the 1975 Mr. Olympia competitors, which was highlighted in the 1977 docudrama Pumping Iron and also included various other noteworthy bodybuilders such as Lou Ferrigno, Serge Nubret, as well as Franco Columbu, who would certainly take place to win the 1976 as well as 1981 competitors. Columbu’s win proven height disadvantage can be overcome. Up up until that point the taller rivals had won, however Columbu, that stands about 5’4′ (? 1.63 m), victoried by showcasing a combo of mass and also solidity that had never been viewed before.

After victorying the 1975 competitors, Schwarzenegger revealed his retired life from competitive bodybuilding, this was likewise depicted in Pumping Iron.

Frank Zane victoried the 1977, 1978, and 1979 competitors. While not as literally substantial as previous rivals such as Schwarzenegger, Oliva, or Ferrigno, Zane developed his body to highlight proportion looks as well as interpretation. As such, Zane was able to defeat opponents who surpassed his very own muscle-mass but lacked his level of muscle definition.


In 1980, Schwarzenegger appeared of retirement to win the Sandow trophy yet once more. Schwarzenegger had actually been a late access right into the competitors, and his competitors did not know of his intentions to contend. The following year, Franco Columbu was triumphant. Chris Dickerson victoried the 1982 competition, Samir Bannout victoried the 1983 competition, and Lee Haney victoried the 1984 competition. This was the beginning of 8 straight titles by Lee Haney.


Haney relinquished competitive bodybuilding after his last Mr. Olympia victory in 1991.

Having put 2nd to Haney the previous year, Dorian Yates victoried the competitors six straight times from 1992 till 1997. He retired after his last Olympia victory. Dorian is provided credit history for reinventing the sporting activity throughout his supremacy as Mr. Olympia by integrating larger mass than seen prior to with what was called ‘granite solidity’. Ultimately, evaluating in expert muscle building competitions began placing greater emphasis on muscular tissue mass, with lots of bodybuilding reactionaries commenting that muscle mass had now come to be the most vital aspect to victorying, even greater compared to that of proportion, visual appeals, and also proportion.

Yates retired from competitive bodybuilding after his 1997 victory. Flex Wheeler appeared to be the successor noticeable however Ronnie Coleman shocked every person with a brand-new improved figure in 1998, victorying 8 consecutive titles.

In 1994 Joe Weider chose to include a different Masters Olympia competitors for professional body builders to proceed to contend at the highest levels in their later years.


Ronnie Coleman won the Mr. Olympia competition 8 successive times, tying the record adjusted by Lee Haney. Coleman returned in 2006 to safeguard his title yet rather put 2nd to Jay Cutler, which won his very first title after 5 successive years of finishing second to Coleman. Cutler successfully shielded his title once more in 2007. Coleman availabled in fourth location and also announced his retirement from competition. In 2008, Dexter Jackson defeated Jay Cutler as well as ended up being Mr. Olympia. In 2009, Jay Cutler ended up being the 3rd Mr. Olympia in history (the others being Arnold Schwarzenegger and also Franco Columbu) to recover the title as well as the only Mr. Olympia in past history to recover the title after having it lost, by returning on stage and defeating the reigning champ Dexter Jackson who put 3rd in 2009.


In 2010, Cutler returned to declare his Fourth Mr. Olympia title, becoming simply the 5th rival in Olympia past history to win the title more than 3 times. In 2011, Phil Health beat Cutler for the title, starting a victorying touch that would last through the existing day. Given that 2012, the Olympia has been dominated by the rivalry between Kai Greene as well as Health, with Greene taking Second place and also Health 1st for a trio of years running. The 2015 Olympia Weekend will certainly take place from September 17th with September 20th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


In 2011, days after the verdict of the 2011 Olympia Weekend, Chairman of the IFBB Specialist League Jim Manion changed the certifying rules as follows:

  • 1. Top 4 in each division at the Olympia.
  • 2. Top 3 in each division at the Arnold Classic/International.
  • 3. Top 2 in each department at the New York Pro.
  • 4. First location in any way various other competitors, even the Amateurs World Championship Competition.

The IFBB Expert League and also Mr. Olympia, LLC could offer special invites.

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